The Rainbow Stairs

The New Album from Noe's Garden

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My children and I listen to your music every day. We consider you a member of our family. Thank you for your work, your voice, your joy.

- Anna, NY

Enfold Your Child in Warmth and Wonder

with The Rainbow Stairs!

On this album, you'll enjoy 26 gentle children's folks songs arranged for voice, guitar, Celtic harp, violin and percussion by Noe Venable of Noe's Garden. Songs that are...

  • Not just for kids. Gentle on grown ups ears, too!
  • Fun. Move your body, laugh, and sing along!
  • Nature-inspired. Celebrating the wonders of the natural world.
  • Seasonal. Enjoy nine songs that highlight the wonder of winter, and many more that are great for all year round.
  • Whimsical. Delight in songs of resourceful raccoons, loyal unicorns, and stairs made of rainbows.
  • Comforting. Nurture children's wellbeing with songs of affirmation and belonging

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Unicorn Run

My daughter and I are so grateful for your beautiful music! I can’t tell you how many times she’s fallen asleep in my arms for nap as we dance to your songs.

- Laine, SF

A Family Affair

Noe's children, Ember and Peregrine, are a big part of everything she does. They helped inspire a lot of the songs on this album. They're also the official Noe's Garden beta testers. These songs are kid approved!

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Celebrate Winter's Wonder!

What You'll Hear

Get to know the instruments on the album


Noe with her beloved Collings, the same guitar she's taken on the road on many a grown-up tour.


Harp lends a dash of fairytale magic, and helps to highlight nature's wonder!


Listen close for the atmospheric violin stylings of Alan Lin


A touch of keyboard lends atmosphere and other fun touches to the mostly acoustic tracks.

Hear the Songs

Safe With Me

Noe is the pied piper music whisperer to children. The Noe's Garden playlists are our “go-to” for feel good, belt-it-out and rock-it-out family time, any time!

- Jordanna, SF

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Get the album along with a Folkmanis puppet for your child! Choose Seal, Kitty, or Unicorn.


Enjoy the album in style with sweet t-shirts and onesies, featuring Little Seal or Lobelia the Unicorn!

About Noe's Garden

Noe's Garden is the family friendly music offering of singer-songwriter Noe Venable.   We offer albums and online classes for families with children aged 0 - 5. Our offerings center love, connection, and the beauty of the natural world.

Also a songwriter for grown-ups, Noe has three times been nominated for a California Music Award for best female vocalist and has opened on tours for many well-known artists, including Ani DiFranco.  

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