Come Sing with Us!

Sanctuary of Song

Do you love to sing?

Do you ever yearn for a deeper sense of community?

If so, then I want to tell you about a group I lead...

Sanctuary of Song is a supportive singing circle for singers at all levels of confidence and ability. We explore singing as a self-care practice, not unlike meditation or Yoga.

Join us each week to sing heart-opening songs in community - songs that are so beautiful, you won't believe how easy they are to learn.

We will have two cohorts - choose your preferred format.

In Person - in a serene private residence overlooking the sea in Pacifica, California. (Just a short drive from San Francisco.)

Online, via Zoom - Join from anywhere in the world!

You don't need to know how to read music - songs are taught by ear.

Join us, and find out how nourishing it can be to sing together for the love of it!

Preview our Season

And sample one of the songs we'll be singing!

How to Join Us

Our fall season runs from October 3rd, 2021 through the January 16th, 2021.

WHO IT'S FOR:  We sing for Mother Earth, and welcome all persons who feel a resonance with the rising of Earth wisdom in these times.  LGTBQIA+ and BIPOC folks warmly welcome. This space is trans affirming.

In Person :

All people attending must have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19. To ensure a safe experience for all, our in person gatherings are masked and held outdoors. (Special "singer's mask" is included with registration.)

In addition, participants will be sent a brief health questionnaire the night before each gathering to ensure that there has been no known COVID exposure.

In the event of wildfire smoke, illness, or rain, we'll meet online instead.


Our online cohort welcomes participants from all over the world. The online cohort meets on Thursday evenings, every other week, from October 7th through January 13th, from 6 PM - 7:30 Pacific Time.


Sanctuary of Song brings such joy and richness to my life. I love the diversity, beauty, and magic of the music as well as the sisterhood experience. I’m so grateful for what this experience brings to my life!

- Sasha

What We'll Do

  • Open with a poem. We'll savor a poem, read aloud, on the themes of heart opening, earth connection, resilience, and the journey home to ourselves. (Featured poets include Mary Oliver, Rumi and more.)
  • Sing! After warming up our voices and bodies with toning and movement exercises, we'll move onto songs, learning, rounds, chants and part songs in two and three part harmony.
  • Share and hold space for each other. At the close of each gathering, we'll take a little time for discussion. In groups of three, we'll engage heart opening questions, taking turns talking and listening, using a format called World Café which ensures that each person has equal time to speak, or to enjoy the silence, as you prefer.
  • Nurture community. See old friends, and make new ones in this warm, intergenerational space.
  • Call in joy! Enjoy that special feeling of aliveness and connection that singing together brings!

Beautiful heart warming  experience I was looking for weekly! Noe’s leading is so gentle and thoughtful.  The singing circle made me feel connected to community especially in this isolated times.

- Victoria

How We Approach Singing

There's a saying from Zimbabwe "If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk you can sing."

Our group is rooted in this ethos. Whatever your level of confidence and experience with singing, our group will meet you with warmth, care and support.

To join us, you need only two things - a love of singing, and an open heart.

What we bring is radiantly enough, and this group is a place to celebrate that.

Many years of leading this group has taught us that when we sing from our hearts, the music can't help but be beautiful.


Learn Songs

Learn beautiful, nourishing songs. Songs to keep in your pocket and carry with you for a lifetime!


Develop greater confidence and ease with singing.


Connect with an intergenerational community of beautiful and inspiring souls!


Immersion in a musical sanctuary space to renew and inspire.

Sanctuary of Song is a masterfully and lovingly crafted soul journey to a deeper self-connection, self-acceptance, and connection. I have never experienced such a balanced, creative, and thoughtful weaving of one person's multiple gifts, singing, story-telling, community building, and meditative practices. It is a very rich one-life kind of experience that I highly recommend to anyone who is a seeker, adventurer, and creator.

- Svetlana

About the Songs

We sing beautiful, easy to learn songs from a variety of sources, passed on aurally from beloved fellow songleaders near and far. Many of the composers of these songs are people we know, and each song has a story.

Some of the traditions we explore are hypnotic sacred rounds and chants, world folk songs with gorgeous, three part harmonies, and uplifting modern circle songs. We are mindful about cultural appropriation, and take great care, when singing songs from other cultures, to represent those songs accurately and with respect.

I'm ecstatic about the repertoire for this season. I think you're going to love these songs - and I can't wait to share them with you!

A Meaningful Closure

Each of our gatherings closes with a special culminating event, which differs for each format, online versus in person.

Our in person season includes two culminating events. At the first one, on the Sunday closest to the Winter Solstice, we'll hike to a stone circle on the clifftop overlooking our regular meeting spot, to offer up our songs to the sea. This gathering includes a twenty minute walk up a winding trail with many vistas.

The second event is a way for us to share our songs with our wider community of beloved family and friends. We'll meet in a beautiful grassy meadow, to sing for our loved ones in the great outdoors. After singing, we will break bread together (Potluck!) and teach some songs to our loved ones, too!

Skillshare / Soulshare

In lieu of a concert, which isn't possible in the online medium, our online cohort closes with a vibrant, co-creative celebration we like to call the skillshare / soulshare. For this gathering, we invite all members of our group to share your gifts with us.

Past skillshare contributions have included original poems, songs, jokes, movie recommendations, and holistic practices such as breathing practices and laughter yoga.

Participation is always optional, but we hope you'll join in!

It's always rich seeing the wonderfully diverse, loving offerings people bring to the table.

Noe is a such a unique and beautiful person. She is encouraging, welcoming, and makes singing as a group an incredible experience for all, regardless of their previous singing experience. I look forward to the weekly Mothersong gatherings as a place of community where I can decompress after one week and re-energize for the next!

- Jennifer


Q:  Are auditions required for this group?

A:  No. We are open to singers at all levels of comfort and ability.

Q:  Can I try the in person group before I commit?

A:  Yes.  You are welcome to attend a meeting to try it out for free. (You'll see more info on how to do that when you go to register.)

Q:  Can I attend this group on a drop-in basis?

A:  You're welcome to drop in to try it out! After your trial of the group, we do ask that members commit for the season. Having experimented with different types of drop in policies over the years, we've learned that having a fairly stable group is key to building a supportive group culture. That said, we know that folks need to miss sometimes, and that's totally okay. If you have questions about your specific situation with regards to attendance, please reach out.

Q:  Can I join you after the season starts?

A:  Yes. Enrollment fee will be pro-rated, based on when you join us.

Q Re in person: Singing outside? That sounds cold! How can I know I'll be warm enough?

A:  Great question. The right attire is really key to comfort in singing outdoors. It's all about the base layers. Do yourself a favor and invest in a warm long underwear shirt, by Smartwool or similar. Here's the combo that works for me in literally any weather. (And weather much colder than we ever get here in Pacifica.) Tank top + woolen base layer + fleece. That's generally enough. But if you need more, you can always throw on a jacket and you should be good to go!

Q:  Can I bring my child?

A:  In Person Our in person group is open to all person who have received their vaccination for COVID - 19. Thus, we are not currently able to welcome children, except in the case of not yet mobile babies. We look forward to welcoming children again in the future!

Online: This gathering is oriented towards adults and older children (nine and up). However, if childcare is an issue, you are welcome to try it out with your younger child present, and see how it works for you. (Some younger children do love it too!)

Please note that if you have a child who is 0 – 5, I also offer a music class specifically for this age group. (Learn more here.)  

Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. I always love hearing from you!

More Kind Words

This poem was created communally by participants in the online cohort of Sanctuary of Song to describe their experience.

(Thank you, Dear Ones!)

Sanctuary of song is a bridge 
between you and something bigger than you
Where your voice, heart, and spirit can soar and
Experience the joy of flying,
Elevating the mundane,
Seeing that the glass in your windows is made of sand
And you are a prism of love!

Sanctuary of song is like a dance
Celebrating life and love.
A heart,
A welcome home,
A welcome within and without,
Remembering that there are good people 
out there in the world!
A space to be,
A sacred space,
A place of peace, comfort, and joy.

Sanctuary of song is
Reaching across boundaries,
Of space and time, of mythic and reality,
Of normal heart to heart connection.
A space for all of us to come together,
in a poem, or a song, or a story
A returning, a churning, a releasing of spirit
A revealing of yourself.

Sanctuary of song reminds my body 
to be in alignment with my soul.
Practicing self-acceptance,
Feeling the love and strength of all of us,
Like spending time in a favorite coffee shop, 
people sharing music and conversation 
Life unfolding in all its shades and beauty,
A beautiful celebration of our time together,
and all our ancestors.

About the Director

Noe Venable is a singer-songwriter, poet and multi-instrumentalist based in San Francisco, California. As an ethereal folk singer-songwriter, she has released seven albums of original music, as well as an additional eight albums of music for children, under the name Noe's Garden.

Also a songleader and spiritual counselor, Noe holds certification as a hypnotist in a therapeutic method called Depth Hypnosis, a holistic healing modality rooted in self-inquiry. Noe also holds a masters degree in comparative religion and education from Harvard Divinity School.

Noe’s teaching is grounded in her own Earth based spiritual practice, which focuses on the healing power of the divine feminine.

In addition to music and spirituality, Noe is passionate about community building, especially though shared spiritual practice, community singing, and other forms of re-vitalizing co-creation.


Financial Investment

No One Turned Away

  • I strive to price offerings at a rate that keeps them accessible, while also allowing me to continue to provide for my family.
  • The fee for these gatherings is approximately $20 per 90 minute gathering, plus a little extra, in the case of the in person cohort, for permitting and materials.
  • That said, I recognize that for those in extreme financial hardship, this cost may still be prohibitive.
  • If you feel called to join us but are unable to pay the amount requested, please reach out.
  • For our online cohort, there will be no one turned away for lack of funds. For our in person cohort, where space is limited, we have scholarships available, which we hope will meet any and all need.
  • If you want to be with us, we want you with us!

Would you like to join us?

If so, I look forward to welcoming you to our circle! 

See you soon...

With love,