Sanctuary of Song

Uncover Your Singing Voice with Noe Venable

Dear One,

The times are a changing!

All around the world, women are rising like never before, lifting our voices in support of the Earth, in support of justice, in support of a healthier, more loving, and more equitable world.

It may be that our voices have never chorused so loudly. Certainly, they have never been more needed.

In support of the rising of our voices in this time, I offer this singing circle - a sanctuary space to support living from the fullness of feminine power and strength.

But this offering isn't only about singing.

We'll also draw upon the power of world mythology to open up space for imagination, deepening, and personal growth.

A mythic story provides the through-line for our musical journey together. We'll consider themes from the story and we'll sing our way into a deepening understanding of those themes.

Each week, you’ll learn powerful songs, most of them written by women - beautiful, easy to learn chants and rounds to help you connect to wisdom, resilience, and strength.

Along the way, we'll hold questions like -

How can I step more fully step into my own power?

What is my heart's deepest longing?

What does Mother Earth need from me right now?

Join me for this sacred journey, and let's unfold the fullness of our voices - for ourselves, for each other, and for this sacred Earth.

I’d love to welcome you to our circle!

With love,  

Noe Venable


What: Sanctuary of Song - Uncover Your Singing Voice with Noe Venable

Who: Open to women, female identified and non binary folks who are drawn to sanctuary spaces that center the feminine. BIPOC folks are welcome in this space. No one turned away for lack of funds.

When:  Eleven Sundays, 9/13 - 11/22, 3:30 PM - 5 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Where: Online, via Zoom video conferencing. Links will be provided upon receipt of registration.

How We Approach Singing

Singing is for Everyone!

Our group is based in the belief that everyone can sing, and we welcome singers at all levels of confidence and ability.

We practice singing as self care practice, not unlike meditation or yoga. Our circle is supportive, encouraging, and a whole lot of fun!

You don’t need to know how to read music - all songs are taught by ear.

Wherever you're at with singing, our weekly meetings will help you build skill and confidence in your voice and musicality.

About the Songs

The songs we sing come from a variety of cultures and traditions, but are unified by theme - authenticity, belonging, and the journey home to ourselves.

Some are traditional songs from Celtic lands. Many are rounds and chants by living women who are using singing to help midwife the rising power of the feminine in these times.

All of them are rich, beautiful and easy to learn, so that you can carry them with you, and remember them for a lifetime.

Hear the Music

One of the hypnotic traditional songs we we'll sing together. Songs to soothe, nourish and inspire.


This Season's Story

This season, our singing circle takes its inspiration from the Celtic myth of the selkie. A selkie is a seal who can transform into a human being. Selkie tales appear in a variety of Celtic cultures, with variations also appearing Faroese and Icelandic folklore.

In the story, a selkie becomes stranded in the world of humans. She lives a full life as a wife and mother, but when her heart begins to ache for the world she has left behind her, she embarks on a quest to find her way back to the sea.

On a metaphorical level, this story points to the ways we can lose ourselves in life, and what it takes to find our way back.

Here is one image of a Selkie from the the Faroese islands.

What We'll Do

  • Sing. Each week, I will teach songs related to the story's themes of authenticity and belonging, and the journey home to ourselves.
  • Share in groups of three. Through small group discussion, we'll engage heart-opening questions arising from the season's themes. Time limits will be employed, to ensure that each person has equal time to speak, or to enjoy the silence, as you choose.
  • Turn Inward - We'll use song as a meditative practice, a space for nourishment and self-reflection.
  • Guided Meditation - To help deepen our connection to inner wisdom, we'll integrate guided meditation, to connect personally with powerful archetypes in the imaginal realm.
  • Celebrate Community -Our season closes with a “Skillshare / Soulshare.” On this day, all members of our community are invited to share an offering from the heart - (previous offerings have included laughter yoga, breathing, poem, song, and so much more.) Participation is optional, but it’s always a lot of fun!

Another Song We'll Sing...

Learn this beautiful song, and many more!


Praise for Noe's In Person Singing Circle, Mothersong

Mothersong is a special place where deep community and healing happen by being together in trust and song. It is incredibly restorative for mothers and all humans with busy lives and full minds.

Beth, San Francisco, California

Noe is a such a unique and beautiful person. She is encouraging, welcoming, and makes singing as a group an incredible experience for all, regardless of their previous singing experience. I look forward to the weekly Mothersong gatherings as a place of community where I can decompress after one week and re-energize for the next!

Jennifer, San Francisco, California

Mothersong brings such joy and richness to my life. I love the diversity, beauty, and magic of the music as well as the sisterhood experience. I’m so grateful for what the Mothersong experience brings to my life!

Sasha, Mill Valley, California

The time I spend singing with Noe has quickly become some of my favorite moments each week, and I always look forward to her calm presence, her joyful instruction, her sincere encouragement, and of course her remarkable talent. Her enthusiasm for the music is contagious, and I have been lucky to sing with and learn from her.

Elizabeth, Boulder, Colorado

I had been looking to reconnect with my musical voice when I heard that Noe was starting a chorus.  I am a fan of Noe’s music and leapt at the chance to sing with her.  Mothersong rehearsals quickly became one of the highlights of my week.  I could not have found a better musical guide than Noe, nor a more supportive and all around lovely group of women with whom to share this experience.

Laura, Emeryville, California

How this time will Support You

Learn Songs

Learn beautiful, nourishing songs. Songs to keep in your pocket and carry with you for a lifetime!


Develop greater confidence and ease with singing and expressing yourself.


Connect with an intergenerational community of beautiful and inspiring souls!

Self Care

Weekly immersion in a virtual sanctuary to renew and inspire.


Unlock the power of the mythic imagination through story and song!

Financial Investment

No One Turned Away

  • The cost of this offering is $270.
  • Want to try it before you commit? No problem. If you're new to Noe's singing circles, you can try the first meeting for free.
  • No one turned away. If you are experiencing financial hardship right now due to COVID related unemployment, please take advantage of our scholarship option. (You will see a link to that form when you go to register.)
  • There will be no-one turned away for lack of funds.  

About Noe

Noe Venable is a singer-songwriter, poet and multi-instrumentalist based in San Francisco, California. As an ethereal folk singer-songwriter, she has released seven albums of original music. She has also released an additional eight albums of music for children, under the name Noe's Garden.

Also a songleader and spiritual counselor, Noe holds certification as a hypnotist in a therapeutic method called Depth Hypnosis, a holistic healing modality rooted in self-inquiry.

A long time student of world mythology, Noe holds a masters degree from Harvard Divinity School in comparative religion. She has also studied with Dr. Isa Gucciardi (shamanic healing and energy medicine) and Dr. Sharon Blackie (Celtic studies.) Further influences include Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Joseph Campbell, and Michael Meade.

Noe’s teaching is grounded in her own Earth based spiritual practice, which centers the rising of the Goddess, and the healing power of the divine feminine.



WHAT: Sancturary of Song - Uncover Your Singing Voice

WHO: Open to women, female identified persons and non binary folks who are drawn to sanctuary spaces that center the feminine. BIPOC folks are welcome in this space.

WHEN: Eleven Sundays, 9/13 - 11/22, 3:30 PM - 5 PM Pacific Daylight Time

WHERE: Online, via Zoom videoconferencing. Links provided upon receipt of registration.

INVESTMENT: $270. (Scholarships available - no-one turned away for lack of funds.)

Would you like to join us?

If so, I look forward to welcoming you to our sacred circle! 

See you soon...

With love,


🌛 🌝 🌜