Join us for Lantern Walk!

Tuesday, December 21st, 4 - 7 PM, Pacifica, California


About the Event

Join us for our annual Solstice Lantern Walk - a holiday musical event for families. The lantern walk is FREE and open to all, and there is no formal ticketing.

WHEN:  Tuesday, December 21st (the actual Solstice!)
from 4 - 7 PM

WHAT: Bring your own homemade lantern for a magical, musical sunset walk along the scenic Pacifica Beach trail.  As we walk, we'll sing songs to welcome the return of the light.  

WHO: This event is ideal for families with children aged 0 - 7.  However, in the spirit of intergenerational community, we warmly welcome persons of all ages, with and without children.  (Feel free to bring family and friends!)

COVID SAFETY: Masks will be required for all adults and older children. Beyond that, we will follow CDC regulations for outdoor public gatherings as they stand on the day of the event.

Learn the Songs

If you like, you can learn the songs ahead of time with our YouTube playlist.

How to Find Us

HOW TO FIND US: We'll meet in Pacifica, on the Pacifica Beach Trail. The exact location is the corner of Beach Boulevard and Clarendon, where Beach Boulevard meets the golf course. You'll see a large area to gather, with picnic tables, and sufficient room to socially distance.

From there, we will walk south along the wide trail next to the ocean. The walk isn't too long, so if you're running late, you can still join us. Just follow the trail southward along the ocean, and you can't miss us!

Our end point for the walk is about a quarter mile south of the start point - look for the four concrete benches, and the sign facing the marsh that says "Welcome to Sharp Park Coastal Ecosystem."

We will follow CDC regulations for outdoor public gatherings, as they stand on the day of the event.

Make Your Own Lantern

Lantern making is a D.I.Y. project that's fun for the whole family! Here are a couple of types of lanterns you might make. (When you sign up for updates, we'll send you links to some tutorials, too.)

What to Bring

Your own homemade lantern. (For fire safety, we ask that folks use electric candles only, please - something like this is great!) There are many ways to make your lantern, most of which use materials you likely already have at home. See video and links to tutorials here!

Picnic blanket, cozy drinks and snacks. At the close of our walk, cozy up with your family for post walk snacks and warm beverages.

Dress warm. It may be chilly, especially after dark! To stay warm, dress in layers. A jacket may not be enough - the surest way to keep warm is to also add a wool layer or fleece under a jacket. Hats and scarves are a good idea too!

Practice ocean safety. Our walk is along the coast, close to the sea. If you choose go down to the ocean, please be extremely cautious on the beach. Even when the sea appears calm, sneaker waves can take you by surprise. Always keep children close to you and never turn your back to the sea.

What You Will Get Out of this Gathering

Seasonal Awareness

Deepen your awareness of the rhythm of the year with this nourishing, non-denominational seasonal ritual.


Get to know other nature loving bay area families - through walking, talking, and singing together.


Bring magic and merriment to your holiday season with sweet songs your child will love.


Enjoy a sight you may never have seen before - the coast side by lantern light!

About the Songleader

Noe Venable is a singer-songwriter, poet and multi-instrumentalist based in Pacifica, California. Also a songleader and music teacher, Noe leads a baby & toddler music class called Noe's Garden, as well as a singing circle for grown-ups called Sanctuary of Song.

In addition to music, Noe loves nurturing community, especially though singing, and other forms of re-vitalizing co-creation.

Would you like to join us?

If so, be sure to sign up for updates so you'll have all the info you need to participate!

We look forward to celebrating the solstice with you!