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Sing Along with Little Seal

To beloved family favorites

Holidays represented include Christmas, Chanukah, and the winter Solstice.

A warm, joyful holiday tradition!

Do you ever feel like the holidays go by too soon? All that prep - gathering gifts, preparing the house, planning the meals... Then, the much anticipated days arrive, and it's over, just like that?

Well, let me share something with you - something I've discovered through raising my own children.

The holidays themselves pass quickly, but the magic starts long before Christmas, Chanukah, or the Solstice. It's in how we laugh together as we shop and plan. It's in those wonderful smells, filling the house as we bake gingerbread, decorate cookies, or fry latkes and make blintzes.

It's in the songs we sing together - holiday songs we know and love. Songs that, when we hear them, take us back to cozy evenings spent round the Christmas tree with loved ones, or in the warm glow of the menorah with its candles alight, or at the solstice lantern walk.

At Noe's Garden, we want to help you prolong the magic of this time with gentle, joyful online holiday music making, all through the month of December!


What: Noe's Garden Holiday Singalong

When: November 30th - December 24th, 2022

Where: Choose between two possible formats. In person (outdoors in the SF Bay Area.) or online (join from the comfort of your living room!)

Who: Families with children aged 0 - 7. (Older siblings welcome too!) For our in person classes, caregiver attendance is required. For our online classes, children may join us with or without caregivers.

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What Parents are Saying

This is literally a heavenly gift. Noe's gentle and joyful presence is so healing to have echoing through our home. And she's so good at making sure that everyone feels seen and heard. It's pretty much the only screen time I allow my son to watch. Deeply recommend to parents who are looking for a high quality music moment for their little ones.

- Djamilla

More Than a Music Class

In addition to providing a rich musical experience, Noe’s Garden also supports children’s emotional wellbeing through story and puppet play.

Each class features an appearance by a toddler - aged puppet named Little Seal. Together, Noe and Little Seal talk through what makes this time of year so special.

Using the same gentle parenting approach that she uses with her own children, and combining this with the uplifting power of music, Noe offers a class experience to help families remember that whatever happens, it’s all going to be okay.

It was wonderful how you talked about feelings with Little Seal (the puppet) and that opened us up to talking about feelings together. Aya has been asking her stuffed animals how they are feeling today and she told me she is feeling kind of sad about something. It is a challenging time and we are sending you our love and gratitude. 

- Zohara

Focus on What Matters

Gathering loved ones together in love, warmth and kindness


What You'll Experience

  • Beloved holiday songs of Christmas, Chanukah, and the Winter Solstice to get little toes tapping and little hearts singing along
  • Diverse instrumentation - acoustic guitar, Celtic harp and more!
  • Lots of participation! Singing, movement, finger plays, interactive storytelling, and play along instruments!
  • Connection with our community of warm and caring families
  • Consistency. While our songs change seasonally, each class supports children in feeling secure with a lovingly held routine they'll soon know by heart.
  • Magic! Each holiday singalong features an appearance by a special guest with her own special song - it's Lobelia the Noe's Garden Unicorn!
  • A good dose of wonder, care, and love.

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the music class this morning. Your beautiful voice and positive presence put a smile on my face and brought joy to our home in time of real uncertainty and stress.

- Nisrene

Nurture Strength and Resilience

Move your body and celebrate life with Lord of the Dance!

We’ve known Noe for years now and just adore her and her magical class. I am amazed by how littles and grown ups alike are mesmerized by her kind, gentle presence and her gorgeous music. I am brought to tears each and every class by the loving community and heartfelt music.

- Rebecca

Be Enchanted...

Each class, we take one moment to slow things down with a soothing lullaby, accompanied on Celtic harp.

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About Noe

Noe Venable is a recording artist, songleader and spiritual counselor, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Under the name Noe's Garden, Noe offers online classes and musical releases for families with children aged 0 - 7. Noe's offerings center love, connection, and the beauty of the natural world.

Also a songwriter for grown-ups, Noe has released eight albums of original music, twice been nominated for a California Music Award for best female vocalist and has opened on tours for many well-known artists, including Ani DiFranco.  

Long passionate about creating community spaces that nurture inter-faith community, Noe holds a masters degree from Harvard Divinity School, where her studies focused on bringing inter-religious dialogue into schools.

She is also a Waldorf trained educator with ten years experience teaching in Waldorf and Waldorf inspired schools.

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