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A Musical Birthday Party

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What Parents are Saying

I asked Noe to bless my son’s 3rd birthday party with some of her sweet music, and I had no idea what a treat it would be! The children were absolutely mesmerized the entire time.  It was beyond special. Highly recommend her!  

Ashley, Berkeley

A gentle, joyful celebration your child will love!

Bring joy and wonder to your child's Birthday with a Noe's Garden Birthday Party Outdoors!

Here's how it works. You bring the guests (as many as you want!) and we bring the fun - an interactive concert of songs your child will love, accompanied on guitar, Celtic harp, and mountain dulcimer.

Bring your own instruments to sing, dance, and play along!

There's even a puppet show, featuring the Noe's Garden animal of your choice. (Sixteen animals for you to choose from!)

Our circle closes with us all singing Happy Birthday, accompanied on Noe's magical Celtic Harp!

What: Noe's Garden Outdoor Birthday Party!

Where: The park or garden of your choice

Who: Children 0 - 7. (We tailor the gathering to fit your child's age.)

Move Your Body and Have Fun!

Here's a song we're singing this season!


Thank you so much for such a wonderful birthday party. It was so perfectly tailor-made for Fiammetta and she loved every second of it. The smile on her face and the way she joined in every song with enthusiasm was priceless. Thank you for all the sweet details, especially incorporating her favorite songs and having Little Seal talk about her. Everyone had such fun - we received so many thanks and compliments from our friends and family.

Shannon, San Francisco

It's more than just music...

Celebrate your child for the unique person they are

Is This a Match for our Family?

This Is For You If

  • You seek a participatory experience to build community amongst people of all ages at your party.
  • You're enthusiastic to support me enlisting your grown-up guests to join in the music making. You can do this by 1) setting the expectation before we start that this will be a communal experience and 2) joining in the circle yourself. And don't worry - I really know how to put grown ups at ease in these situations. (That's my super power!)
  • Your desired length for the concert is 45 minutes or less.
  • You can provide an environment with minimal background noise. (For indoor locations, this means a space with other music silenced & TV off during our actual music making. For outdoor locations such as public parks, we may have less control, but ideally it's a reasonably quiet location.
  • You already know and love or are open to hearing songs from our existing repertoire. That includes 200+ traditional and original acoustic children's folk songs. We're happy to take requests from our catalog!

This is Not For You If

  • You're looking for someone to entertain the kids separately while grown-ups are otherwise engaged.
  • You're looking for musical entertainment lasting an hour or more.
  • You're primarily looking for background music for your event. (In that case, we direct you to our eight albums of family friendly music which would be very sweet for this purpose!)
  • Your plans include other loud elements that would interfere with the music. (For example, a bouncy house.) Sometimes, in a public park, this can't be prevented, in which case we roll with it. But it's best if we can position ourselves far from any such sources of noise.
  • You have specific songs you want to hear that are not already in the Noe's Garden repertoire. (I'm open to hearing such requests, but in general, I stick to songs within my existing repertoire.)

Honoring the Whole Child

In addition to providing a rich musical experience, Noe’s Garden also supports children’s emotional wellbeing through story and puppet play.

Each Noe's Garden Birthday Party features an appearance by a toddler - aged puppet named Little Seal. Together, Noe and Little Seal will speak aloud a loving appreciation of your child, using the unique details you provide.

It's a gentle, simple blessing that is both meaningful and age appropriate. Overall message - "there's no-one else in the world just like you, and you are loved just the way you are."

Not only has Noe created a ritual that celebrates the whole child in a way that they can really take in, but she brings her whole self to each circle. Her heart is fully in every note she sings. “I miss teacher Noe! Can we go see her?” is a common refrain in our house. I attribute this to Noe’s ability to connect with children (and adults) through song and presence…in a way that is truly unique, precious and memorable. Its hard to put words to how meaningful this experience was for our family, but suffice it to say, this is the best gift we could have given her for her birthday. I can’t recommend it highly enough.  

Deb, SF

A Message for Children

We love you just the way you are.

Our beloved Teacher Noe recently brought her magical music to our daughter’s 6th rainbow birthday party.  The children were enchanted with her music and participated fully. My daughter was beaming the whole time. She felt so special that Teacher Noe was singing for her and especially loved the unicorn puppet show. 

Liz, Mill Valley

Meet the Instruments

Exotic instruments make your celebration unique and special!


For all those toddler guitar lovers out there!


Harp lends a dash of fairytale magic. You'll recognize this sound.. It's the sound of wonder!


A lesser known and delightful American original, frequently used in Appalachian folk music.

What You'll Experience

  • Catchy, nature inspired folk songs to get little toes tapping and little hearts singing along
  • Diverse instrumentation - acoustic guitar, Celtic harp, mountain dulcimer and more!
  • Participation without pressure. Join in as much as you feel comfortable for singing, movement, finger plays, and playing along on instruments you have at home!
  • A one of a kind verbal appreciation, delivered by Noe and Little Seal, using the special details you provide
  • A unique, heartwarming event your family will remember.
  • A good dose of wonder, care, and love.

We’ve known Noe for years now and just adore her and her magical class. I am amazed by how littles and grown ups alike are mesmerized by her kind, gentle presence and her gorgeous music. I am brought to tears each and every class by the loving community and heartfelt music.

Rebecca, San Francisco, CA  

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