We May Need to Socially Distance, but Let's Not Lose Touch 💛

Dear Fellow Parents,

I know we're all carrying so much right now, as we navigate how to limit the spread of Coronavirus, 

And yet, with all we're carrying, our children need the same things they always do. Stability. Warmth. Love. Playfulness. Connection. A sense that all is right in their world.

As a mother myself, I want to tell you one of my favorite ways to nurture these things...

The universal language of music.

Music connects us. It uplifts us. When times are hard, it helps us reconnect with the joy that makes us strong.

So, to help support families in this time, I'm taking my parent child music class, Noe's Garden, online

If you've never tried our class before, there's never been an easier time to do so!

Starting Monday, you and your little one can join me to sing along with warm, nature inspired folk songs - from the comfort of your own living room!

We will convene via video conferencing. All you need is an internet conection and a laptop or phone.

This offering is no-one turned away for lack of funds. No matter your financial situation, we would love to support your family in this time. 💛  


What: Sing-along at Home with Noe's Garden! (Formerly known as Meadowlark Music Class)

When: Ongoing! Drop-ins welcome! Classes offered every other day

Where: Online, via Zoom video conferencing (I'll provide link)

Who: Children 0 - 5, with caregivers

What People are Saying

This was a calm, fun, and engaging way to keep my kids occupied while we are social distancing. Love the option to join virtually from our home in Denver!  

Christina, Denver, CO  

We just attended our first online class with Noe. What a sweet, lovely, engaging, and heartwarming space Noe has created, filled with lovely songs and gentleness. We hope to attend again. 

  Thekla, Portland, OR  

We’ve known Noe for years now and just adore her and her magical class. I am amazed by how littles and grown ups alike are mesmerized by her kind, gentle presence and her gorgeous music. I am brought to tears each and every class by the loving community and heartfelt music.

Rebecca, San Francisco, CA  

Take a Peek at Our In Person Class!


What You'll Experience

  • Sweet, nature inspired folk songs to get toes tapping and little hearts singing along
  • Diverse instrumentation - acoustic guitar, Celtic harp, and more!
  • Lots of participation! - singing along, movement, finger plays, and letting your child play along on instruments you may have at home
  • Special appearance by an animal puppet!
  • A good dose of wonder, care, and love.

We'd love to support you

Here's how our music class can help in this time

Break Up Your Day

When you can't attend your regularly scheduled activities, life can get a little monotonous. Our class will bring fun and variety to your day!

Warmth and Connection

We are all carrying so much right now, and children pick up on the anxiety we carrying. Let teacher Noe soothe and support you and your child- through song! 

Call in Joy!

Connect with your own strength and resilience through the energizing practice of singing together!

Connect with Community 

We wil not all be able to hear each other while the class is in session, but your child will enjoy seeing his or her friends on the screen!


What: Sing-along at Home with Noe's Garden. (Formerly Meadowlark Music Class.)

When: Starting 3/16, and continuing until its safe to resume in person

Where: Online, via Zoom video conferencing (I'll provide link)

Why: Because we need music now, more than never.

Would you like to join us?

If so, we'd love to make music with you!

No one turned away for lack of funds.