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More than a class... We're a community.

Do you seek meaningful experiences with your young child?

Not just ways to pass the time, but experiences to remember?

Are you tired of toddler story times where someone entertains the kids with “head, shoulders knees and toes” while grown ups zone out on their phones, not really even looking at eachother?

Did you look forward to your maternity leave, only to find that stay-at-home motherhood left you feeling isolated and wondering, “where’s my village?”

If so, you are not alone.

I get it.  I’ve been there.

When my eldest child was born, I was grateful to have flexible work that allowed me to stay home with him. I'd been intentional about setting my life up to allow me to do that. And I'd been so looking forward to this experience of being home with my babe.

So why did motherhood feel so…  Lonely?

I yearned for connection.  Belonging.  A sense that I was “in it” together with other Mamas I could share with and learn from.  People who would have my back, and I would have theirs.  

I pictured us seated around the fire like our paleolithic ancestors, laughing, singing together, swapping stories.

I wanted real community. 

Community that would weave my own nuclear family into a larger coherence, helping us feel our belonging to our larger human family, and help us establish our family culture in right relationship to the larger world.

Not finding what I was looking for, I set out to create it, using the thing I do best - making music in community.

Today, more than seven years later, I no longer walk around wondering "where's my village?"


Because I’ve found it. 

And today, four thousand classes and about a hundred children's birthday parties later, I’m so happy that I’ve been able to help hundreds of other Bay Area families find it too.

Won’t you join us?

Imagine This...

If you are your child's primary caregiver...

Imagine a life where your neighborhood park is filled with familiar faces.  Imagine the feeling of running into mamas you know and catching up like old friends.

Imagine that as you feel more connected, your child does too.  Imagine finding your child’s first beloved teacher, one who, like Mr. Rogers, makes a lasting impression.

And through this fun, supportive, and joyful experience, imagine discovering something new about motherhood - it's so much easier when you don’t have to do it alone.

If You've Got Childcare

Imagine your loving caregiver bringing your child into a warmly supportive community where adults are connecting and children are too.

Imagine your joy at watching your child’s natural musicality blossom, supported by all that they’re learning at their weekly music class.

Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that you’re providing your child with an experience that's more than just a time filler - one that nourishes them body and soul.


Noe's Garden Magical Music Class

A weekly music class to infuse motherhood with more joy and connection, and help nurture in your child a love of music to last a lifetime.

What You'll Get Out of This


The Music

Learn more than 20 seasonal songs your child will love.  Our 200+ song repertoire draws on eight seasonally themed albums that we rotate over a two year cycle.  This means you can spend two years with our program and rarely hear a song repeated. (Some families spend up to five years with our program!)


The Community

Our class does more than just nurture kids' musicality.  It helps facilitate authentic connection between grown ups, too.


Bring the Wonder

We sing songs of fairies, mermaids, unicorns and more. These songs help children develop a sense of reverence towards nature. This can mature over time into a felt sense of ecological stewardship.


Experience the Uplift

It's no secret that making music making is good for the soul!   A recent scientific study logged some of the health benefits of community singing.  (Not a complete list!)

  • Reduces cortisol levels
  • Lowers stress
  • Boosts immunity & lung function
  • Enhances memory
  • Improves mental health & overall wellbeing


Nature Time is Mama Self - Care

Each of our locations is chosen with three parameters in mind -  scenic, sheltering, and conducive to socializing.  That way, after class you’re all set to enjoy a beautiful day in nature with your child and with other caregiver child pairs.

Unique Features of Our Class


Led by an experienced Waldorf trained teacher, our class is nature inspired and gentle on the senses.


In addition to acoustic guitar, Noe also plays Celtic harp, which children take turns playing at the end of class.


Led by acclaimed indie singer-songwriter Noe Venable, this class is a Bay Area original you won’t find anywhere else.


We also support socio-emotional learning through story and therapeutic puppetry.

What Parents are Saying

This is the most enchanting, inspiring, and fun class that I take with my daughter. We go twice a week, and I’d go more if I could!

- Mikka (San Francisco)

My son and I went to check out many different music classes and all of them pale in comparison to your offering! Thanks so much for choosing this path in your life and bringing quality music into ours!

- Monika (San Francisco)

We just adore Noe and her magical class. I am amazed by how littles and grown ups alike are mesmerized by her kind, gentle presence and her gorgeous music. I am brought to tears each and every class by the loving community and heartfelt music.

- Rebecca (San Francisco)

Mornings spent at Noe's music class rank amongst my favorite times as a father. Noe's Garden is magical!

- Steve (San Francisco)

Financial Investment

What would you feel comfortable paying for an experience like the one I’ve described?  

My class costs $24 per class when you register for the full session. (Drop ins are available at our other locations if you need to miss.) There’s an added materials fee that covers the cost of instruments, but we waive this fee if you have your own.

As a point of comparison, the most widespread, franchised offering in this niche charges significantly more than $30 per class when you include their additional fees.

In addition, we offer several registration options, so you can choose what works best for your family. 

You can join us full session, drop in, or with a class pack, which allows you to purchase five classes in advance and use them any time.  (You do still need to register, but you can do this any time up until class starts.)

We also have an online class, for which we offer need based scholarships, too.  (You’ll see the application when you go to register.)

Thanks for supporting our home grown family micro-business!

What If It Doesn't Work Out For Me?

Well, to start out with, let's do everything we can to make sure this is a right match before you commit.

Your first step? You can book a free trial class at any class on our schedule. Just enter code SEALLOVE at checkout.

Beyond that, we recognize that factors can arise that could lead to a change of heart midstream.  (Changing nap times, for example.)

If you pay for the full session, and later learn that it’s not going to work out for your family, we offer several options.  

1)  You can change to a different location or class time.  

2)  You can convert a full season registration to a class pack, which allows you to use the remaining unused classes any time within the next year.  (I can do this for all classes after the date when you let me know, since I need to be able to open up your spot to another family.)

Is This for You?

This Is For You If

  • You’d like to meet some new folks!
  • You want to spend time outside.  (The right gear helps. Waterproof shoes?  Check.  Picnic blanket?  Check.  Warm thermos?  Check...)
  • You enjoy activities that engage adults and children together in a richly intergenerational experience.
  • You're open to hearing music that might be new to you.
  • You’re willing to participate in the music making. Since little ones learn through imitation, grown up participation is an important component to the class.  (I'll always model simple, fun ways to join in.)
  • You’re willing and interested to be with us in a restorative stage of our class's evolution, as, post COVID we find our way back towards more connected ways of relating.  We commit to making this transition this safely, and in a way that accounts for different levels of comfort with physical proximity.
  • You appreciate a homegrown offering that arose specifically to meet the needs of Bay Area parents - "a true local treasure," as it has been called by parents who've joined us.

This is Not For You If

  • You'd rather keep to yourself.
  • You want an indoor class
  • You're looking for something to occupy your child while you do other things. (For that, we recommend our online class!)
  • You must hear Wheels on the Bus. (Sorry, Raffi! It's nothing personal! We do love you too...)
  • You'd prefer to just watch while your child participates.
  • To feel comfortable at outdoor gatherings, you would still like to see people masked and maintaining six feet of social distancing at all times.
  • You’d like a teaching approach that’s been codified to the point of being replicable in cities across the nation, and which looks pretty similar wherever you go.

These days are precious, and they go by all too soon.

So why not seize the day?  Join us for Noe’s Garden Music Class and come make memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Hear the Music

We sing this song at the start of every class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q -  Can my child attend with an alternate caregiver?

A - Yes!  Our community includes nannies, grandparents, aunties, and all the wider network of grown ups who support our beloved children.

Q - Can my child attend with different caregivers from week to week?

A - Yes.  Children may be any grown up you wish, and it does not need to stay consistent from week to week.

Q - Do you offer a sibling discount?

A - Yes. We offer a sibling discount of 25%. We do ask that children in share cares register as individuals rather than using the sibling discount. (This is really important to keep the kinds of prices we offer sustainable for us, and we thank you for your understanding about this.)

Q - May my child join with more than one adult at a time?  

A - Yes, we’re outdoors, so no limitations on space.  We love getting to know whole families!

Q - Do you have recordings of the songs you sing in class?  If so, where can I find those?

A - Yes!  We have eight albums, one for each season.  These are available, along with Noe’s Garden T-shirts, puppets and other merch in our online shop.

Q - Do you offer any events other than weekday morning classes?

A - Yes.  In addition to our weekly music classes, we perform at libraries, farmers markets, festivals and more.  Many of these events happen in the afternoon or on weekends.

In September, we host a lantern walk to celebrate the autumn equinox.  This event is free and open to the entire community.

We also have a parallel offering, Mothersong Chorus, where three generations of women gather to sing heart opening songs in community.  So when your child ages out of Noe’s Garden, there's still that possible way to stay connected. 

We love growing alongside your family, and watching your family grow.

More Mama Love ( Thank You! 🙏🏼 )

Would You Like to Try It?

If so, here's what to do.

When you click through to purchase, you’ll be taken to our complete schedule, where you'll see all the classes and locations we offer.  Create a free account with our registration platform,, choose your desired class, and you’re good to go!

If you’d like to try a free class before you commit, you can do that by entering the code SEALLOVE on the last page of the shopping cart.

If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to reach out to me directly via email. I always love hearing from you!

I look forward to making music with your family!